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Why "Real World" Reiki?


"Real World Reiki" was developed with a strong foundation and respect for the principles of both strands of traditional Reiki - the Western and Eastern traditions. It also takes in progressions in self-healing and personal development which have been shown to be effective in more recent times, and adapts treatments and training to the modern day lifestyle.


It was developed by Reiki Master-Teacher Paul Eagle, as a method of Spiritual Healing which is effective  in the "Real World" - hence the name.


It is specifically shaped to provide an effective, non-invasive healing which works around the stresses of work, family, health and finances which are the most common causes of stress related illness today.


Although it may be considered a 'Spiritual Practice' you will find that all Real World Reiki practitioners are genuine, warm hearted and caring people who can relate to the everday issues you may be facing.