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How much does Reiki training cost?

Looking around you may find a wide variation in the cost of reiki training. Is it certified? Is there ongoing support? Can you get insurance?


Will the training teach you what you really need to know, not just about healing but also about setting up your practice, dealing with clients and managing your own personal challenges?


RWR aims to provide effective, usable training for a realistic price. As a healer, your  priority is to help people, but you are also offering a commercial service, so understanding the value of your investment is important. As a practitioner you may be charging £25-£50 per session, how many sessions will you need before you have covered the cost of training?


The fees are as follows for Reiki Training - trained by experienced Reiki Master- Teacher Paul Eagle (who is also a practising hypnotherpist and spiritual healer). The training days are informative, hands-on and fun, focusing on the essentials you will need. The training is recognised by all major UK therapy insurers. Every level includes the appropriate Reiki Attunements, The Manual for that level, personal instruction and coaching including demonstrations and tips, and upon satisfactory completion, a Certificate.

Investment for Reiki Training 2019:


NEW REDUCED PRICES - reviewed in the light of the current economic conditions, I am pleased to announce new lower prices for 2019.


Level 1 - Introduction:          Group £45;   One to One £55.


Level 2 - Practitioner:           Group £75;    One to One £85.


Level 3a - Master Healer:   Group £125;   One to One £130


Level 3b - Master- Teacher {Sensei}   POA.

NB: Where a practitioner has qualified to level 3b - "Master-Teacher" - they may offer their own training.

Contact them via the details on the Practitioners' list for more information.