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How much does a Reiki session cost?

The cost of your Reiki session may vary from practitioner to practitioner. Real World Reiki does not fix the price and leaves the individual healer to offer their services at a price which is both affordable for the client and realistic for them. Typically you will pay £25 - £55 per session.


The factors which affect pricing include:


How experienced is the healer? A Reiki master may have a greater range of techniques to use, or a broader experience to draw on;


Where is the Healer based? The cost of a healing room in a city may be greater than that in a more rural area, for instance;


How long is the session? If you prefer a less hurried approach and would like an hour long session, you will expect to pay more than for a 30 minute or 45 minute treatment;


How many sessions? If you book a course of several sessions you may find some healers will offer a small discount. Practitoners may also offer reductions if you can fit in to the 'gaps' in their schedule at short notice.


Of course, much more important than the fee is how comfortable you feel with the healer, and how well you work together.