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Finding the right Reiki practitioner

There are many 'qualified' reiki practitoners around, but some are better suited for you than others. All RWR practitioners on the current list have qualified to Level 2 or above; completed adequate, supervised training with one or more Reiki Masters, in person; operate under a code of conduct and are suitably insured. Click on the "Practitioners" button in the menu. Some practitioners may also offer other therapies which may be helpful.


General Tips on finding your Healer:


   Get personal recommendations. Nothing beats a positive reference from someone who’s actually been to a Reiki practitioner. Ask your friends and family if they can recommend a Reiki practitioner.


   Individual Reiki practitioners or groups of Reiki practitioners may run regular Reiki circles or host special Reiki events in your neighbourhood. These public events give you the opportunity to try out Reiki and ask about Reiki practitioners in your area. The sessions are usually shorter than the usual private session, and you may have more than one person working on you.

  Ask at your local Complementary Health Centre or 'New Age' shop, or Church.


  Use the power of Google - search for "Reiki healer near....(your town)"


   A professional Reiki practitioner should have studied 2nd-degree Reiki or beyond. Although people with 1st-degree Reiki training may treat family members or within the setting of a Reiki circle, they don’t have the experience to treat professionally.


    It helps if the practitioner has been working on her own healing with Reiki or another healing modality for at least a year if not decades! However, it’s quality over quantity when it comes to practicing Reiki, as some people work on healing for years to get to the same place as another person can get in a year.


On a practical note, consider these questions for yourself:


   Is the location of Reiki convenient for you? The closer to home, the easier it will be for you to get there.


   Can you afford the price of the Reiki? You’ll be more likely to repeat your Reiki experience if you can pay the fee. If the cost is too high, speak to the practitioner. Some Reiki professionals use a sliding fee scale.


   Do you feel comfortable with this person? This is the most important thing. For you to be able to relax, you need to have some basic trust that the person knows what s/he is doing and treats you with respect.