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Can I become a Reiki healer?

Almost anyone can develop their natural healing ability to enjoy Reiki in their own lives, and for family, friends and pets (Level 1). To progress to Level 2 and offer healing as a service to others requires a commitment to personal development  and learning. The key qualities are a desire to help and compassion for others.

Level 1 - Introduction to Reiki.


Your first steps on the healing journey begin with Level 1. This is a one day training during which you receive 2 attunements to open you up to the Universal Energy. You will also be introduced to  the ideas of sensing and directing Chi, the role of the Chakras, Meridians and Aura, and learn something of the origins of Reiki.

Most importantly you will learn how to integrate the 5 Key Reiki Principles into your daily life.

Level 1 also includes the hand positions for self treatments and for treating friends and family, as well as a look at other uses of reiki such as energising food, healing pets  etc. On completion you receive your Level 1 Certificate and Lineage Certificate. Manual provided.

Level 2 -  Practitioner Level.


In Level 2 - 1 day intensive training - you receive your level 2 Attunements and Manual. We explore more in depth healing and the role of intuition with clients. You will be introduced to the Reiki Symbols and learn their meaning and uses. You will learn how to direct healing through time and space (distant healing) and we spend some time checking out the practical side of setting up your practice - finding clients, insurance, legal and tax issues.

You will complete a short case study which will be evaluated before receiving your Level 2 Certificate which allows you to seek insurance and begin practice.

Level 3a Master Healer.


When you have been actively practising as a Reiki Healer for a while (usually at least 6 - 12 months) you may take Level 3a.You will receive theMaster attunement and Manual.

In this 1 day training we look at futher advanced healing techniques and share experiences of interesting case studies (client details are always kept private).

On the practical side we  see how to promote your practice better, attract more clients and clarify your professional objectives.

We also look at offering healing to those with terminal or lifelong  health issues such as cancer, and how reiki can help with end of life and bereavement clients.

Level 3a Certificate is provided on completion of a short dissertation.

Level 3b - Master-Teacher or Sensei.


For those who feel led to pass on their skills and knowledge, Level 3b develops the elements required to become a Reiki "Sensei" or 'Respected Teacher'.

How to plan a workshop for each level of training, dealing with enquires and finding venues are all covered.

We also take time to role play the 'presenter' aspect which you will need whether you choose to teach one to one or in groups.

You will also receive the Master Symbol and Attunement to allow you to initiate new healers into reiki.